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“Onfleet has streamlined our logistics, freeing us to focus more time and energy on the big picture. Most importantly, our customers love the tracking and automated delivery alert features.” Zach Nelkin Strategy Officer, Hungry Harvest
“On-time delivery is absolutely key to our business, and Onfleet gives us a stupid simple answer in a beautiful little package.” Jeff Schenck Co-Founder, Chewse
“Onfleet has been instrumental in maintaining great delivery standards while we scale. We can live-track all of our drivers and make instant adjustments if they're running behind.” Sateesh Daniel Community Manager, AptDeco
“Onfleet is on point. The team, the product, the service, are a pleasure to work with. Dispensaries in our community love the seamless integration and the increased efficiency of their deliveries. The most exciting part of Onfleet is that they've only just begun.” David Hua Co-Founder, Meadow
“Onfleet helps Minibar and our store partners effectively manage deliveries. The platform is jam-packed with features and offered a straightforward integration with our existing tools, processes and systems.” Chris Korhonen Head of Technology, Minibar
“The product is beautifully built and has simplified our operations immensely. Onfleet checked all the boxes for what we needed out of a courier management software and the team has been super responsive and helpful. Highly recommend!” Jereme Holiman Co-founder and Operations, Urbanstems
“We love Onfleet! It helped us go from 0 to 60 in delivery management overnight. Our customers love the real-time driver-tracking, and our logistics team finally has the visibility they need to be able to manage the fleet during our delivery hours. Onfleet is a core part of our service!” Marc Manara Co-founder, Farm Hill
“Using Onfleet has been a great success. It was easy to implement, we’ve been able to move to an entirely paperless process for our on-demand deliveries, customers have great visibility and we can adjust schedules in real time.” Adam Horsman Manager, Corovan
“We believe plants make people happy, as long as they arrive on time. Onfleet helps make that happen while making our team happy. Integrating Onfleet with Shopify helps us auto schedule same and next day deliveries as well as manually plan our major client plant installations.” Andrew Erdle Partner & VP of Brand, The Sill
“We had already seen the writing on the wall when it came to our on-demand delivery fleet, so it was a hands-on search to find another system. Onfleet seemed to offer everything we needed right away.” Taylor Bloom Founder, Foxtrot
“Onfleet is the delivery solution we've been in search of for years. We had tried every other product, even outsourcing to a delivery logistics company, and nothing has been as easy, efficient and affordable as Onfleet.” Diana Hardeman Founder, MilkMade Ice Cream
“We launched our delivery business a few months ago and Onfleet was a huge part of our success. They've been extremely helpful and responsive and our patients absolutely love that we offer this feature. I can't imaging running our business without it.” Sasha Candelora The Apothecarium
“We pride ourselves in consistently meeting our delivery SLAs which wouldn’t be possible without the help of Onfleet.” Derek Siebert Director of Operations & Logistics, Omni
“The Onfleet API has saved us a considerable amount of time in building our On Demand Business. Undoubtedly the best in its class, with an unbelievably helpful and responsive support engineering team.” Evan Kuo Founder, Easy as Pi
“Simple, reliable, and affordable, what more could we ask for? Onfleet has made our delivery service ten times more efficient and has been more affordable than any other service we have tried in the past. Plus, our customers love the automated text and tracking feature” Sean Herlihy Logistics Manager, Kitchfix
“Onfleet plays a key role in our fleet management and helps us start synchronized with our drivers, restaurant partners and customers all at the same time.” Shervin Enayati CEO and Co-Founder, Lazymeal
“I searched high and low for a solution that would really help with delivery logistics and not break the bank. Onfleet does just that and their outstanding team made implementation a breeze.” Ryan Browne Founder, TopShelf
“Onfleet has made the communication with our fleet a lot easier. With the teams feature, we find it very easy to separate out our operations in multiple cities. Overall, Onfleet is a great, easy to use and scalable tool which was needed for the the growing on-demand economy.” Divey Gulati Co-Founder, ShipBob
“Onfleet has really helped us manage our delivery drivers during our busy lunch hour. I can't imagine dealing with all of our deliveries without it!” Alicia Kemper General Manager, Fundamental Los Angeles
“Our delivery crew likes the Onfleet system a lot. It’s simple, easy to use, and incredibly user-friendly. When we started with our original proprietary system, there was a bit more training required. With Onfleet, there is very little needed.” Joseph Dickstein Co-Founder, Flowers for Dreams

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