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As part of the Onfleet family you and your team can rest assured that we are always available to help and ready to assist you at any time. Feel free to connect with our team if you need additional help getting started.

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Onboarding webinars

Here are some quick videos to get started.
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Onfleet webinar:
Getting Started - Onfleet Admin
Greg Eddings


Every Wednesday - 10:30 AM (PT)

Dashboard operations
and organization settings

Greg Eddings I Onboarding Manager

In this webinar, Onfleet’s Onboarding Manager, Greg Eddings guides you through the configuration and operation of your Onfleet dashboard as an Admin user.

Onfleet webinar:
Getting Started - Onfleet Dispatcher
Taylor Gooding


Every Wednesday - 11:30 AM (PT)

Optimize operations and delight customers

Taylor Gooding I Onboarding Manager

In this webinar, Onfleet’s Onboarding Manager, Taylor Gooding guides you through routing and operational best practices for Onfleet Dispatcher users.

Onfleet webinar:
Cannabis Org Onboarding



Admin / Operations



Best Practices for Cannabis Organizations

Taylor Gooding I Onboarding Manager

In this webinar, Onfleet's Onboarding Manager, Taylor Gooding reviews settings and helpful tools within the Onfleet dashboard that are specific to Cannabis organizations.

Elissa Malmquist Mary Lee Dave Yoha Taylor Gooding

Our team welcomes you!

The team is here to support you and ensure that your onboarding goes smoothly

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Our Content

Start by taking a look at our documentation and videos, which are designed to support you through the best practices of setting up your organization and delighting your customers using the Onfleet Dashboard.

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The Process

Our team of onboarding specialists are last mile enthusiasts helping organizations achieve their delivery objectives starting with account configuration to going Live!

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Your Goals

The Onfleet platform is optimized to achieve a best in class delivery experience for your customers.

Common onboarding questions

If you are looking for more onboarding info please feel free to contact us.

A task is the core object of work in the Service and is either a pickup or delivery, performed at a destination. For billing purposes, tasks are only counted when they reach the "Completed" status, via Onfleet's driver app, driver app SDK, dispatcher dashboard or API call.

The length of onboarding can vary depending on your needs. Typically, customers feel comfortable using Onfleet after 1 to 2 onboarding sessions. Our onboarding managers are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals through a successful onboarding.

A hub is a central location where a driver may start or end their route. A hub will need to be created in Onfleet in order to use Route Optimization capabilities.

SMS messages can be automatically sent to a recipient based on varying driver actions and triggers. For more information on how to configure these, please visit our Support site here.

Yes! We are dedicated to finding you the right plan type for your business. We offer month to month plans as well as annual plans. You can easily upgrade your plan through Settings > Plans and Billing.

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Onboarding Questions

Do you need our help
with onboarding?

If you still have a specific question or concern regarding onboarding, please feel free to reach out and one of our onboarding specialists will be in contact shortly.

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