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Onfleet in the News

Onfleet going international, manages last mile logistics for companies in 50 Countries

"At a time when consumers everywhere are expecting fast, efficient and low-cost deliveries of almost everything, Onfleet’s SaaS platform is gaining traction in Europe, Asia, and Latin America. Ecommerce and on-demand businesses in these markets are using Onfleet to manage all aspects of the complicated last mile delivery process."

The Top: Episode 657

"With 300 paying customers and an average account paying $500 a month, is Onfleet the new king of delivery economy? Nathan Latka interviews Khaled Naim"

June 2016 Issue. Logistics Experts for Less

"The key to Onfleet's service: a system that picks the best delivery route and keeps dispatchers and customers well-informed, all for about 20 cents or less per delivery."

How expensive on-demand startups can become profitable

"With unprecedented investor interest and round-the-clock launches of “Uber for X” services to get consumers what they want, when they want it, wherever they are, the on-demand economy has all but revolutionized the way we go about our lives."

Onfleet Helps Companies Optimize Delivery Operations with the First Cloud-Based Integrated Delivery Management And Route Optimization Software

"Businesses using Onfleet benefit from maximized driver output, fuel cost savings, faster deliveries, greater downstream visibility and forecasting, intelligent auto-dispatching, and the ability to plan scheduled routes in advance. Customers benefit by receiving their deliveries on time, and gaining visibility into exactly when their delivery will arrive."

How the Super Bowl Affected Delivery Services

"Not only do people stay home to watch the Super Bowl, they also like preparing their own food for the festivities. At least that’s according to data from San Francisco,CA-based Onfleet, a cloud-based delivery management platform. Through their partnerships with food, alcohol, and cannabis companies, they were able to collect some interesting data on peoples’ food ordering habits during the Super Bowl."

SFGate – Daily Briefing, Feb. 9

"San Francisco’s Onfleet, which helps companies deliver more efficiently, examined data from about 25 merchants in San Francisco and Los Angeles, comparing Super Bowl Sunday with the previous two Sundays. Among the findings: On-demand alcohol deliveries rose 75 percent in San Francisco from the previous Sunday."

Onfleet Has Powered Over 1 Million On-Demand Deliveries

"Most of the deliveries Onfleet facilitates are in food and beverage, like groceries, prepared meals, alcohol and food from restaurants. In April 2015, the company said it had facilitated just 100,000 deliveries for the year."

Manage and analyze local deliveries with OnFleet’s web platform, mobile app and API

"Offering local deliveries is not always easy and that charming, and sometimes the process get messy due to lack of simplicity in the whole process. So, to lessen the hurdles and complexities that comes in the process of making local deliveries Onfleet offers its service to companies involved in the local delivery operations."

How a Company You've Never Heard of Is Rapidly Becoming the Uber of Delivery

"Increasingly, on-demand companies are turning to San Francisco-based delivery-management software provider Onfleet. Founded by a Stanford business school student, a Stanford computer science dropout, and a University of New Brunswick computer science grad, Onfleet powers thousands of deliveries every day."

Onfleet: Delivery Logistics Made Easy

"You could say that it’s all about speed at Onfleet, as the platform was optimized to free up delivery managers to focus on bottlenecks, or any other pressing issues. And the benefit of having reports on driver stats, seamless customer communication, and robust analytics goes without saying."

Onfleet Raises $2M To Provide Infrastructure For Delivery Apps

"Onfleet recently raised $2 million from CrunchFund, Winklevoss Capital, the Stanford-StartX, and several individual investors, which the team will use to expand its purview beyond startups just raising their seed round or Series A."