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All plans include a 14-day free trial.

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Get to know Onfleet. Track, dispatch, manage, and analyze your fleet.

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Starter + optimize routes, chat with drivers and build integrations.

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Basic + scan barcodes and IDs, and use a dedicated phone number.

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Premium + priority support, full data access and brand customization.

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Enterprise Plans

Professional + best support SLA,
concierge onboarding and a dedicated
success team.

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Enterprise Plans

Professional + best support SLA,
concierge onboarding and a dedicated
success team.

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Zapier Integration

Task Creation Only

Route optimization

Automatically optimize delivery routes, considering delivery windows, vehicle capacity, driver schedules, and traffic constraints.


Instantly communicate with drivers in the field with an integrated chat experience.

Predictive ETA

Machine learning AI-based algorithms predict ETAs throughout your drivers’ routes with remarkable accuracy.

Predictive ETA notifications

Trigger notifications to recipients well in advance of their delivery, based on tasks’ Predictive ETAs.

Barcode scanning
Age verification
Dedicated phone number

Personalize your customer experience with a phone number dedicated to your organization.

Scheduled phone support

Visit our Support Center for more details.

Private label tracking page

Host the real-time tracking link on your own domain and remove Onfleet branding for a customized recipient experience.

Multi-brand account support

Consolidate management and payment of multiple brands with disparate dashboards under a parent account.

Priority support
Analytics & export history

30 days

90 days

1 year


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Phone calls and text messages billed separately, at cost

  • Country
  • USA
  • Canada
  • UK
  • Australia
  • France
  • Germany
  • $/min (calls)
  • $ 0.01275
  • $ 0.01275
  • $ 0.036
  • $ 0.08786
  • $ 0.045
  • $ 0.081
  • $/sms (text)
  • $ 0.0065
  • $ 0.005
  • $ 0.036
  • $ 0.05
  • $ 0.0684
  • $ 0.0765

Note that actual telephony prices may vary depending on specific carrier and/or means of SMS delivery (e.g. shortcode).

All plans include

  • Unlimited drivers and dispatchers
  • Status-triggered customer notifications
  • Configurable customer tracking experience
  • Dashboard and driver app analytics
  • Accurate ETAs based on machine learning
  • Anonymized driver to customer communication
  • Online and offline driver tracking
  • Seamless task creation using Zapier

Common pricing questions

  • What is a task?

    A task is the core unit of work to be completed by drivers (e.g. a pickup or delivery). For billing purposes, tasks are counted when completed through Onfleet’s driver app or through any other method, such as an API call.

  • Can I get a discounted rate if I do high delivery volumes?

    If your business expects to use more than 50,000 tasks per month, contact our sales team for enterprise pricing.

  • How do you charge for Onfleet?

    Yearly plans

    12 months upfront. We will also charge you on the 1st of each month for task overages and telephony used in the previous month.

    Monthly plans

    Monthly on the 1st of each month. Your bill will also include charges for task overages and telephony used in the previous month.

  • How does my free trial work?

    Your risk free trial provides unrestricted access to Onfleet's Basic plan for 14 days. You will be able to choose another plan and begin your subscription at any time during or after your trial. Your credit card will not be charged until you have selected a plan and confirmed your subscription type in the dashboard.

  • Can I change my plan later?

    Absolutely! You can upgrade or downgrade your subscription plan from within the dashboard at any time.

  • What payment methods are accepted?

    We use Stripe for payment processing. You can pay for your plan’s monthy or yearly subscription using Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Additional payment methods are available with our yearly Professional and Enterprise plans. Contact sales for more information.

  • Can I get help with a custom API integration?

    For questions around API and webhook usage, our Support team is more than happy to lend their expertise. If you require more in depth advisement or help with implementation of a custom integration, we now offer Onfleet Solutions services - submit your request here to start the conversation. Zapier is another great option that provides some of the benefits of a direct integration without a large investment.

  • How long does it take to deploy Onfleet?

    You can be up and running in just a few minutes. If you’re planning to integrate with our API, it can take a few days to a few weeks depending on the complexity of the integration.

  • Onfleet Customer Milkmade

    Onfleet is the delivery solution we’ve been in search of for years. We had tried every other product, even outsourcing to a delivery logistics company, and nothing is as easy, efficient, and affordable as Onfleet.

    Diana Hardeman, Founder, MilkMade Ice Cream

  • Onfleet Customer Minibar

    Onfleet helps Minibar and our store partners effectively manage deliveries. The platform is jam-packed with features and offers a straighforward integration with our existing tools, processes, and systems.

    Chris Korhonen, Chief Technology Offier, Minibar

  • Onfleet Customer KitchFix

    Simple, reliable, and affordable, what more could we ask for? Onfleet has made our delivery service ten times more efficient and has been more affordable than any other service we have tried in the past. Plus, our customers love the automated text and tracking feature!

    Sean Helihy, Logistics Manager, Kitchfix

  • Onfleet Customer Flowers for Dreams

    Our delivery crew likes the Onfleet system a lot. It’s simple, easy to use, and incredibly user friendly. When we started with our original proprietary system, there was a bit more training required. With Onfleet, there is very little needed.

    Joseph Dickstein, Co-Founder, Flowers for Dreams

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