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Custom Integrations

Onfleet Solutions can scope and implement custom integrations to support task creation, analytics, notifications and more.

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Custom Automation

Onfleet Solutions can reduce manual labor by automating repetitive tasks, reporting, route optimization and more.

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Don’t know where to start? Onfleet Solutions can help you translate operational workflows into integrated systems.

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If you are looking for more support info please feel free to contact us.

An administrator of an active trial or paid Onfleet account can create an API key in the “API and Webhooks” section of their Settings. Learn More.

You can annotate API entities like workers (drivers), tasks, and recipients with custom metadata to streamline the interactions between Onfleet’s API and your code. Learn More.

You may not perform more than 20 requests per second across all of your organization’s API keys. To stay within this limit, we strongly recommend that you use a library to help you orchestrate your request rate. Learn more.

Onfleet offers a test environment for all paid subscriptions at no additional cost. Reach out to your Customer Success manager or Engineering Support to have this provisioned for you.

A webhook is triggered by a specific event within Onfleet, such as task creation or worker duty status. Once triggered, a webhook request is sent to the designated URL, including relevant data, so that some further action can be taken. Please see our open source repository for a simple example of webhook registration and usage and our documentation for a comprehensive list of webhook triggers and further information.

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Having trouble building an integration or need more one on one guidance? Submit a ticket and one of our experienced support engineers will be happy to assist you.

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