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The Onfleet API is a RESTful web service for developers and integrations to programmatically interact with Onfleet’s data and real-time delivery management and analytics functionality. Learn about wrappers in python, javascript and resources for unofficial wrappers.

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Get access to Onfleet’s open source repository and tools that may be freely used to augment and accelerate custom integration with the Onfleet API. Contribute to onfleet/developer development by creating an account on GitHub.


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Get the most out of your data by taking advantage of our integrations and take your business to the next level with quality analytics.

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Our documentation will provide you with step by step guides related to integrations, wrappers and no-code platforms.

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Connect with our technical support team if you need help or additional guidance with any of our documents or processes.

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A task is the core object of work in the Service and is either a pickup or delivery, performed at a destination. For billing purposes, tasks are only counted when they reach the "Completed" status, via Onfleet's driver app, driver app SDK, dispatcher dashboard or API call.

Submit a support request from here. Response times are determined by plan type and support availability. See Support Terms for more information.

An integration connects two (or more) software systems so that data may be shared between them. Onfleet offers several pre-built integrations, simple custom integration support on platforms such as Zapier and Make, and a REST API and webhooks for more complex integrations.

Onfleet offers a test environment for all paid subscriptions at no additional cost. Please contact your Account Manager for more information or get in touch with Onfleet Support.

A webhook is triggered by a specific event within Onfleet, such as task creation or worker duty status. Once triggered, a webhook request is sent to the designated URL, including relevant data, so that some further action can be taken. Please see our open source repository for a simple example of webhook registration and usage and our documentation for a comprehensive list of webhook triggers and further information.

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