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COVID-19 Resources for Local Delivery
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Over the past few weeks, we have been working round the clock to help local retail, pharmacy, food and beverage businesses transition to delivery as their primary mode of operation. It has become a matter of survival. Our software makes it easy for these businesses to operate a local delivery service by handling route optimization and dispatching, real-time driver tracking, analytics, proof of delivery, and communications.

Ultimately we'd like to reach more people in our efforts to curb the impact of this pandemic and aid in the efforts to safely deliver goods and services. Below are articles and resources to help businesses and non-profits navigate COVID-19.

Resources for Delivery Companies

Post a job
Post open positions to receive inbound interest from drivers in your area.

Browse Drivers
Browse available drivers looking for a gig in your area.

Onfleet provides software free of charge for mission critical delivery providers during COVID-19 pandemic
Read Onfleet’s initial response to the COVID-19 outbreak and learn how you can get free access to our software if you are helping deliver to those in need during these times.

Setting up Onfleet for mission critical deliveries in 5 minutes
We've put together a quick guide that will have you up and running with a basic Onfleet dashboard in 5 minutes flat.

Resources for Delivery Drivers

Driver sign up
Sign up to deliver for companies in your area.

Browse Companies
Browse companies looking for delivery drivers in your area.

Kroger to hire 20,000 more workers to meet coronavirus demand
Kroger will hire 20,000 more employees to meet the demand for groceries and other supplies sparked by the coronavirus crisis.

Tips for Meal Kit and Food Delivery Safety
Home-delivered groceries, subscription meal kits, and mail-order food can be convenient. Make sure food safety is part of the package, too.

Other Resources

Covid Safe Corps

Tips for Retailers and Restaurants Offering Delivery During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many thousands of retailers and restaurants are offering delivery for the first time. It’s become a lifeline not only for homebound people, but also for the businesses themselves and their workers. However, delivery can often seem complex and overwhelming, especially if this is your first time.

Where to donate food when you move

Meal Deliveries powered by Onfleet

San Francisco/Marin Foodbank

New York City

Pittsburgh Bellevue Farmers Market or sign up