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Powerful tools for every step of your deliveries

Say hello to leaner operations, smoother customer experience and smarter decisions.

Integrate with Onfleet

Onfleet can connect to your other tools to streamline your delivery operations, from checkout to doorstep. Use Zapier to connect Onfleet out-of-the box, to dozens of applications including Shopify and Google Sheets, no coding required. You can also integrate directly with our robust RESTful API for a more custom integration. Check out our API docs to get started.

And much more

Route Optimization

Make manual routing a thing of the past with Onfleet's fully integrated route optimization tool. Our routing algorithm takes into account team membership, central hubs, timing constraints, driver schedules, vehicle capacities, and traffic data to save you time and money in the field. Learn more

Map Features

Visually organize your map with customizable overlays and location markers. With clearly defined service zones, dispatching across cities has never been easier. Learn more


Onfleet's powerful Connections feature allows you to link your operations with fulfillment partners for seamless joint management. Tasks can be created by one organization and executed by another, all while maintaining a unified customer experience. Learn more

Task Linking

Associate two or more tasks within an enforced dependency structure with task linking. This is invaluable if your operations require more than one stop to fulfill an order, or if you need to define one task as a prerequisite of another. Learn more

99.99%+ Uptime

We are proud to be an integral part of our customers’ daily operations. We take our reliability and performance seriously. We have achieved 99.99%+ uptime and provide no-nonsense, low-latency support. Learn more


With tens of thousands of text messages routed through Onfleet each day, short codes ensure that communications to your customers arrive faster and more reliably. Learn more

International Support

Onfleet successfully powers last mile delivery operations for customers large and small in over 35 countries. We offer product support in English, Spanish, French, Arabic and Russian.


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