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Onfleet to provide technology free of charge for mission critical delivery providers during COVID-19 pandemic
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As COVID-19 continues to disrupt communities around the world in unprecedented ways, we at Onfleet would like to reiterate our commitment to the health and safety of Onfleet employees, customers, partners, and their families.

During these uncertain times, we are taking all necessary steps to ensure reliable service and support. We recognize that you have entrusted us to power your mission-critical operations and take this responsibility incredibly seriously. Running your delivery services reliably and efficiently has never been more important, and the Onfleet team is here to support you.

We would also like to highlight the following ways we hope to support the brave businesses continuing to deliver in these trying times:

1. Availability of our global teams

We are confident our service levels and productivity will not be impacted during this period. Onfleet is a distributed global company, with offices in five countries across three continents and employees who work remotely around the world. In response to COVID-19, we have temporarily transitioned to a fully remote work environment. Our connectivity and workforce productivity tools have been thoroughly tested over the years to ensure employees have secure and continuous access to our systems, data, and team members.

2. Availability of our service

Our systems are equipped to handle many times our current volumes, so performance degradation should not be an issue for our clients. Our cloud infrastructure allows us to invest in the scalability and availability that your business needs. Over the past five years, we have developed, refined, and extended our business continuity plans to ensure the seamless and uninterrupted delivery of service and support to our thousands of customers and partners around the world. We will continue investing in our software’s reliability and scalability as a top priority over the coming weeks. We have already experienced a surge in delivery volume over the past few days and are ready for continued growth as our partners mobilize to support communities around the world.

3. Commitment to virus response efforts

Over the past few weeks we have received several requests from NGOs and non-profit organizations to leverage Onfleet to conduct critical field and delivery operations to help with the ongoing situation. These requests have included delivery of testing materials, sample transportation, medical transportation, people movement and food donations.

During this time, we have committed to offering Onfleet free of charge to these organizations and onboarding them with the highest priority. If you know of any such organizations that may benefit from this, please have them submit our contact form and include a message indicating that they are helping with the response efforts.

Lastly, we put together a Driver Job Board to help those businesses scrambling to keep up with a surge in demand employ workers from those companies that have had to reduce their workforce amidst the crisis.

Thank you for your business and trust. We recognize these are turbulent times and we want you to know that the entire Onfleet team is working hard to support your continued delivery operations. We are deeply grateful to all the frontline workers and drivers delivering food, groceries, medicine and other supplies out to communities and look forward to supporting them however we can. We wish you, your teams, and your families safety and health over the months ahead.