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Explore the power of Onfleet’s delivery software with Integromat’s code-free integrations
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Onfleet’s powerful last mile software enables retailers of any size to offer fast, affordable, and delightful delivery to their customers. With features like route optimization, predictive ETAs, and dashboard analytics, businesses can launch a brand-new delivery channel or upgrade a more complex operation with ease and efficiency. Many companies launch and onboard Onfleet in a matter of hours and Enterprise level customers are supported with an onboarding team in a matter of weeks. Administrators and their teams of drivers also trust Onfleet’s Support Center for clear guidance and thousands of drivers have awarded our app 5-star reviews.

Easily integrate Onfleet and your favorite tools, code-free

Onfleet’s software scales with different tiered plans as businesses adapt to a rising consumer preference for delivery and grow their own delivery channels. For businesses new to delivery, or ones without a dedicated developer support team who opt for Onfleet's Basic Plan, employing an integration like Integromat helps fill this gap.

The glue of the Internet

Integromat is a free tool that helps you to automate manual processes, without needing code. Integromat prides itself as being ‘the glue of the internet’, helping their customers to connect together apps and services ranging from email, calendar, storage to more specialized tools like Onfleet’s.

Using Integromat’s free “sandbox” environment, businesses can test drive Onfleet, or run it efficiently without coding or API configuration.

"I think we have almost every app you could want, but maybe I'm biased!" commented Michael Staffova, a Solutions Specialist.  "With Integromat, you can connect virtually all of your favorite apps, services, and devices. Drag and drop, it's that easy."

Integrate your favorite tools like Onfleet, Gmail, and Slack in a drag&drop Sandbox
Integrate your favorite tools like Onfleet, Gmail, and Slack in a drag and drop Sandbox

Integromat: Easy to deploy

Want to learn more about how this integration works? Our support center has a detailed step-by-step guide for the Integromat integration for you and your team to follow. If you are new to Onfleet, check us out in a free trial or contact our sales team to learn more!