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3 Companies To Ensure Your California Cannabis Business Stays Compliant
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With the expanded legalization of medical and recreational marijuana, the demand for delivery services from cannabis dispensaries has skyrocketed. However, with the ever-changing regulatory landscape, it can be challenging for cannabis dispensaries to keep up with the latest delivery regulations.

Case in point: as of April 1, 2023, dispensaries in California are required to maintain a delivery inventory ledger within Metrc before legally leaving the premises with unsold or pre-sold inventory.

While retailers have been required to maintain inventory ledgers in the past, the greater detail now expected for every delivery and mandatory Metrc use can catch plenty of operators off-guard. Without a complete ledger, these businesses are not compliant and are at risk of fines and license suspension or revocation.

Fortunately, software like Onfleet, Meadow, and Dutchie are prepared for shifting regulations and work better together.


Our partners at Meadow offer a cannabis e-commerce platform that allows dispensaries to sell their products online and manage their inventory, orders, and customer data.

We've previously collaborated on California cannabis compliance, and their team saw a similarly quick turnaround with these updated regulations. Last week, they hosted a webinar to help customers navigate the new requirements and published a fantastic blog post explaining the changes.

If you have any Meadow-specific questions, contact their support team at

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Our friends at Dutchie were also on top of the new changes, deploying updates in advance of the 4/1/23 requirement date. Below are a couple of Help Center articles that outline these changes:

California | Report tax types

California | Metrc sales delivery options

If you have any Dutchie-specific questions, you can learn more on their Support page.

Dutchie and Onfleet Partner to Provide Cannabis Dispensaries with Integrated E-Commerce and Delivery Management Solution
Onfleet has partnered with Dutchie to provide cannabis dispensaries with integrated e-commerce and delivery management systems.


Our team had been familiar with Metrc after Michigan’s Cannabis Regulatory Agency updated delivery regulations to include inventory ledgers for each order. With California adopting a similar approach, we were ready when our partners and customers reached out with questions and concerns.

For Meadow users: when a driver completes an order within Onfleet, it will automatically fulfill the order within Meadow and in the new delivery ledger requirement.

For Dutchie users: Onfleet tasks automate triggers to send delivery data to Metrc and can be managed in the Dutchie POS Backoffice by dispatchers.

For non-POS users: Onfleet customers who don’t integrate with a Metrc-validated POS system can leverage delivery data to stay compliant but must submit a ledger separately.

Of course, much like the steady feed of cannabis legislation across the country, our work is never done. Now in several states, cannabis customers are required to create a detailed delivery manifest for medical and recreational cannabis delivery. We have continued to innovate to enable this capability based on individual state needs. More to come soon!

Keep your cannabis delivery operation up-to-date and compliant with the latest regulations.

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