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PACT Act - New Law Prohibits Vape Shipping
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As of March 2021, the shipment of Vape products has been banned. The postal ban and PACT (Preventing Online Sales of E-Cigarettes to Children Act) provisions include all e-liquid and oil vaping devices, nicotine and nicotine-free e-liquids, CBD and delta 8 cartridges, liquids and oils, and every related component, part or accessory intended for those products.

Following passage of the new law, the major private delivery companies announced that they too would stop delivering vaping products, not just to homes but also to businesses. Fedex ended shipping of vape products March 1, and UPS will follow suit on April 5. DHL had already prohibited shipping vaping and nicotine products in the U.S. before the law passed (Vaping360).”

With these new restrictions on shipping, many vendors have been scrambling to find solutions that will keep their businesses running in already turbulent pandemic times. Most will need to turn to alternative options like delivery to keep operations running smoothly or face closing down. The struggle with direct delivery is finding a partner that meets all the requirements to maintain compliance. Onfleet has been a trusted cannabis delivery partner for years as it ensures companies maintain compliance by providing age verification upon delivery, verified signature capture, and barcode scanning.

Onfleet’s software helps with compliance

While shipping and delivery require two very different methods of operation, state and federal compliance laws must be upheld in order to keep your business running. And Onfleet operates within compliance and is actively looking to improve the product to meet the needs of this ever changing market. New features such as route manifest are already in beta to ensure compliance with Metrc, the cannabis regulatory system used in most states where cannabis is legal. Onfleet also has integrations with Delivery Solutions, 2ship, and shipEdge, where delivery solutions provide a scaled up approach to delivery using regional carriers who may not have made a choice to ban vape deliveries. Rather than suggest other delivery options, I’d call out that for Vape retailers, customers tend to have bigger basket sizes and appreciate the safety and convenience of deliveries, so rather than a roadblock, it might turn into a value add.

While PACT has thrown a curve ball at the industry, companies like Onfleet can help provide a compliant, trusted and even more customer-oriented solution of delivery.

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