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A conversation with Onfleet partner dutchie
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Effective Partnership

dutchie is a trusted Onfleet partner that works with the top dispensaries around the globe to provide software tools and a marketplace that enables cannabis e-commerce for pickup or delivery. Onfleet is the "right-hand" in this relationship by helping companies power their deliveries with this seamless joint integration.

Jon Bond of dutchie recently recorded a podcast regarding the collaboration.

Listen to podcast

Listen here to a podcast where dutchie's Jon Bond talks about the benefits of our ecommerce and delivery partnership

Cannabis industry positioned to grow

The cannabis industry is experiencing a massive growth as state legalization, safe banking and decriminalization advances occur.

Jon Bond, dutchie's Director of Partnerships, reflects on the effectiveness of this delivery and e-commerce integration and how it makes sense for newcomers to multi-state operators.

"Onfleet and dutchie is like the left and right hand working together in concert for cannabis dispensaries." — Jon Bond, Director of Partners, Dutchie

dutchie announces $200M in funding and acquisitions

In March 2021, dutchie also announced its acquisitions of software companies Greenbits and LeafLogix in an effort to streamline e-commerce tools for its dispensary partners. dutchie also said it has received $200 million from investors in a Series C funding round, putting its valuation at $1.7 billion.