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What is It Like to Have a Marijuana Delivery Service Company?
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After powering millions of deliveries — including hundreds of thousands of cannabis deliveries — we’ve found that delivering cannabis is a lot like delivering . . . well, anything else. Okay, so the Fed does still consider it a highly dangerous schedule one drug, and the laws vary widely depending on where you are in California, but hopefully we’ll get some clarity come November election season. *fingers crossed emoji*

Seriously though, it’s gotten incredibly easy to start a cannabis delivery company!

  • Get a license
  • Find a quality, consistent supply
  • Hire drivers (or outsource)
  • Select a menu ordering system
  • Connect menu to Onfleet

Five steps, one incredibly productive software, a whole lot of product market fit and BOOM, you can now make on-demand (or scheduled) cannabis deliveries.

  1. Get a license to deliver cannabis. This is arguably the most difficult step, so I’ll spend the least amount of time on it 😉. There are some fantastic resources out there that outline this process better than I ever could. Guides from NORML and Americans for Safe Access are a good start. You should also talk to a lawyer. Just make sure you’re legal! (It’s kinda important.)
  2. Find a consistent supply of quality cannabis to sell. Unfortunately, this is still a slightly sketchy and unregulated process (again *fingers crossed emoji* for November). The holy grail of supply is of course to be vertically integrated. Grow, transport, sell; farm-to-table all under one umbrella. Companies like Flow Kana have come close, but legislation will dictate if this will ever be fully possible.
  3. Hire Drivers. Until drones become mainstream and take over our skies, you’ll need drivers. Like most On-Demand startups, you can try your luck on craigslist, use a third party that sources drivers, or try to enlist your Uber or Lyft driver. In any case, drivers will need to be licensed cannabis patients, have a valid driver’s licenses, clean records, reliable vehicles, and up-to-date insurance.
  4. Select a menu ordering system. There a lot of options to choose from, but not a lot of good options. My personal favorites (and those that have built integrations with Onfleet) include:
  • Meadow: Highly recommended and MUCH more than a menu system. Including a full marketplace to drive customers to you, brick & mortar dispensary management software, and doctors who make house calls. Sticky Guide: Perhaps the most beautifully designed menu system. Simple, and easy to plug into your website. For inspiration, check out The Green Cross’ version.MJ Freeway: Nice menu with a slick Leafly integration, allowing customers to view independent ratings and descriptions of each strain.
  1. 5. Connect menu to Onfleet. Now for the easy part. If you have selected one of the menu systems from the last section, getting your tasks into Onfleet, assigned to a driver, and to your customer’s door is seamless. No coding required.Your customers will be treated to an unrivaled cannabis delivery experience including real-time tracking, continuous status updates, and easy communication with the driver. If you’d like to learn more and start your 30-day free trial, one of us would be happy to walk you through the product. You can request a demo here, or by emailing

It’s easy to see why so many cannabis delivery options have popped up. Five simple steps is an incredibly low barrier to entry for what could be a very profitable business. While starting a cannabis delivery company may be simple, developing and maintaining a customer base is not. Like any startup, the cannabis companies that put an emphasis on quality product and stellar customer service will endure.