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This is What it's Like to Work as an Onfleet Delivery Driver
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Thistle drivers are powered by Onfleet

Delivery is personal

Onfleet knows that delivery is personal. It's a genuine brand touchpoint in a contactless click-to-order world. This connection between a business and a happy customer is made possible by drivers who care about safe, on-time and dependable deliveries. We design our product around these central participants.

Delicious, nutritious plant-forward meals, snacks, and cold-pressed juices, too!
Thistle delivers plant-forward prepared meals, snacks and juices

Meet Lauralee

Lauralee grew up in the Bay Area. She began working as a delivery driver in 2019 at Thistle, an Onfleet customer that delivers nutritious, plant-forward prepared meals, snacks, and cold-pressed juices. Lauralee added this gig job as a way to supplement her income while she pursued her art and also worked in a popular Oakland restaurant Mua, which has since temporarily closed during COVID. She increased her shifts at Thistle to make ends meet and continues to deliver and train new drivers on Onfleet's app. Typically, Thistle drivers will do around 14 deliveries in a 2-hour morning window.

Lauralee greets Winston
Lauralee greets Winston 

Onfleet's driver app

"I like that Onfleet always works. It's something I never need to worry about, as my route is always planned, it's always there and I always trust it to make sense." — Lauralee, delivery driver for Thistle

Anonymous two-way SMS communications alert the recipient ahead of deliveries. Onfleet's app alerts of any special drop-off information or details for each customer. Brands can communicate in a voice that suits their messaging and product offering.

Anonymized and automated SMS communications keep customers informed
Anonymized and automated SMS communications keep customers informed

Simple to use and share

"I'm training two new drivers. They were nervous about using a new software program. I told them, just wait. Onfleet makes it simple. In less than a minute of downloading the app and understanding the details, they agreed.

"You're right, this is easy!" — Onfleet drivers in training

The human connection

At Onfleet, we salute our customers' hard-working drivers who manage hundreds of thousands of daily deliveries around the globe. We know that behind each and every successful delivery to a happy customer is a driver like Lauralee who makes it happen.

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