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Key Benefits and Features of a Courier Delivery Management System
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Have you ever struggled to manage deliveries, drivers, and your operations manually? Using a courier delivery management system you can automate and simplify your processes. So much so that the top couriers in the country keep their on-time delivery rates over 95% with this software.

Here we look at how you can improve productivity and satisfaction. You can do this by ensuring that these 5 key features are included in your courier delivery management system.

What's a Courier Delivery Management System?

A courier delivery management system provides you with a structure to operate smooth delivery operations. This system could be a manual process, using spreadsheets. It ensures that drivers are assigned to deliveries and their routes are optimized. Alternatively, the system could be software that automates these tasks for you. 

Improve Productivity and Satisfaction with Courier Delivery Management System

Optimize Delivery Routes

If you’re a small courier business just starting out you can use map software, such as Google Maps, to help you plan delivery routes. But this can quickly become too complicated. Using software, such as Onfleet, you can automate route planning. Using specialized courier software will save time for your drivers, reduce gas costs, and improve profits.

Centralized Proof of Delivery

Having proof of delivery is key in case there is a dispute or issue with the delivery being received. The old-school way to do this is to ask people to sign a piece of paper. The big problem with that method is that it can easily be misplaced. You need to keep those records in one central location. Using courier delivery management system, you’re able to do that. In a few clicks, you can find your proof of delivery.

Real-Time Tracking

Tracking delivery in real-time increases transparency and predictability of the delivery process. With Onfleet, you even get notifications if a delivery is predicted to arrive late. This feature allows managers to monitor deliveries closely to ensure everything is proceeding smoothly. Also, customer service can answer any questions and proactively reach out to explain any delays.

While clients can access the map and see where their driver is. They also get a notification when the driver is 150 meters away. When they get that notification they can get ready to meet the driver, and save time. 

Better Team Management

Manage shift schedules, delivery operations, payroll, and monitor your team's performance with Onfleet. Leverage technology to improve performance, efficiency, and increase driver satisfaction with clear scheduling. Onfleet also integrates with other tools to improve productivity. For instance, you can manage shifts more effectively by using When I Work and Onfleet together.

Improved Customer Satisfaction with Courier Software

You vastly improve customer satisfaction by improving the customer experience with real-time tracking and accurate delivery ETAs. According to Zendesk, 73% of consumers will switch to a competitor after multiple bad experiences with a brand. Your courier service will stand out from your competitors and also increase loyalty by providing great deliveries.

You need to choose courier delivery management system with the right features to achieve those benefits.

Top 5 Key Features in Courier Delivery Management Software

1 - Operation Management

A clear dashboard tracks where your drivers are. It also shows their routes. This increases your courier business's efficiency. If you need to make changes, Onfleet updates drivers in real-time so there’s never any confusion. These routes can be auto-assigned by Onfleet to optimize drivers’ time and keep costs to a minimum.

2 - Driver App

Our client, Max, from the last mile delivery company Zipply said it best:

“If we have a driver starting tomorrow, we can send them a text. They can sign up to Onfleet within minutes, pick up their orders, and start.”

Onfleet makes it easy for new drivers to start make deliveries. The Onfleet driver app has all the information they need and integrates with the most popular map apps to help you avoid traffic. You can then analyze driver productivity with our detailed metrics. 

3 - Delivery Insights

You can chat with your drivers securely and easily using the Onfleet app. If there’s a delay or problem, HQ can be aware in seconds with automated notifications. Together with our predictive ETAs, powered by machine learning, you and your customers can be on the pulse for any delays. 

4 - Direct Customer Communication

Communicate quickly with your customers using our chat function. All customers get automatic updates on where their order is, giving them transparency. You can also collect their feedback to ensure they had a positive experience.

5 - Clear Analytics

Monitor key metrics. These include success rates, on-time rates, service times, feedback scores, and distance traveled. Segment data by teams, drivers, day, week, and time of day. Download complete reports to create personalized presentations.

Custom vs Standard Courier Delivery Management Systems 

Ask yourself:

  1. Are you at the point in your business's growth when no solutions on the market quite fit? 
  2. Do you dream of your own automated workflows based on your triggers? 
  3. Do your customers expect to see your branding across their notifications?
  4. Is the route optimization you see in software too basic for your needs?
  5. Are your reports lacking information tailored to your KPIs?
  6. Can you not get the integrations you need?

If you answered yes to the above questions, you need a custom solution for courier management. At Onfleet we provide an enterprise-level solution to give you more personalization for your business. We also build custom software apps if you have a specific idea in mind.

Get in touch with us to discuss your dilemma. We can guide you toward the best solution for your last mile delivery business.

Onfleet Improves All Aspects of Your Courier Management

You can use a courier delivery management system to improve driver management. It helps with scheduling, productivity, and engagement. With the right software in place, you can increase driver satisfaction and create a better customer experience, thereby improving customer loyalty and the number of returning customers.

Partner with Onfleet to take your courier business to the next level and unlock incredible returns.