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Case Study: Zipply Grows their Business Sustainably with Onfleet’s Courier Delivery Software
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When Zipply began in 2023, its mission was to improve last mile deliveries using sustainable delivery vehicles. The company focuses on providing high-quality, zero-emission deliveries in Vancouver. Their strategy is to use cargo bikes and electric vehicles for deliveries in high-density areas. 

As co-founder Andrew Beckett tells us, they were inspired by “stories in the UK about people revolutionizing the logistics space with the alternative delivery vehicles.” Zipply then made it their mission to provide sustainable 3PL & last mile delivery solutions that are both zero-emissions and affordable for their clients and their customers.

As the co-founders told us, they’re growing fast “... even from last month to this month, I mean, we're on track to be around two and a half times the volume from February to March..."

Since they began in June 2023, Zipply has grown exponentially across the Vancouver area. The co-founders, Max Kyaw, Andrew Beckett, and Moreno Zanetti, spoke to us about how Onfleet helped Zipply to grow their logistics smoothly.

Zipply Choose Onfleet to Help Reduce Emissions

In Vancouver, 40% of carbon pollution comes from cars burning gas and diesel. Since Zipply’s mission is to reduce emissions with zero-pollution vehicles, they knew they would need a courier delivery software partner that prioritizes sustainability.

Zipply found that partner with Onfleet. Onfleet has been running Onfleet Offset since 2021. Each delivery’s CO2 is calculated based on the distance and type of vehicle. Then, our partner Pachama distributes the donation to forestry projects.  

The founders also chose Onfleet for its data, notifications, tracking, and route planning. The Zipply team, couriers, and customers all found it very easy to use. The Onfleet app also makes it simple to answer customer questions. Drivers also appreciate how fast and simple it is for them to use. 

Andrew Beckett told us, “We find ourselves relying on Onfleet every single day. Our dispatchers are using it, and our customers are using it.”

Max Kyaw added, “I'm always thankful for even the most basic feature. Like being able to put in a note, take a picture, and then just walk away from the delivery within seconds. It might seem small but throughout the day it adds up.”

 Improved Customer Experience

Using Onfleet, Zipply found it much easier to provide customer support. Andrew told us, “I'll get a text from a customer asking where their delivery is. I can go to the Onfleet app, check the map, and see that it will arrive at 4:43. I can then let the customer know quickly. It makes customer support so much easier.”  

“Onfleet has a lot of amazing features for their customers. It has Onfleet tracking, the text notifications. It makes it so easy for clients to check Onfleet notifications. The experience of receiving the parcel is improved with contactless signing. The whole experience is great.” Andrew added.

Missed delivery windows lead to frustration and dissatisfaction. Customers value the transparent communication that Onfleet provides throughout the delivery process, and Zipply has been able to provide that with Onfleet’s custom, real-time, notifications. 

Clear Analytics Insights

Co-founder Andrew told us that being able to anticipate potential delivery delays was also a great benefit. “The potential delays feature is a huge one. Being able to forecast that a delivery may be delayed is a huge trigger for communications or rerouting.” Having insight into a potential issue allows their team to get ahead of it, and work on a solution.

Zipply has big plans for the data points that Onfleet provides, including optimized routes. Andrew plans to build monthly reports for clients “The roadmap is definitely to take that [data] and make it external facing. So maybe when we send a monthly invoice to our clients, they'll also get a monthly breakdown of emissions that they're saving [using Zipply].” 

Onfleet data and analytics can be used to show Zipply clients how much emissions they’re saving.

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A Simple API-Customized Dashboard 

Using Onfleet’s transparent data, and API connections, Andrew was able to customize a dashboard for Zipply’s clients.

“You guys have amazing API documentation. I'm not a software person by any means, but I was able to figure it out on my own. I just pulled all that data into a common dashboard to make a personalized dashboard for our clients. Without your API I wouldn't be able to do this [dashboard].” 

Max added, “A big benefit of Onfleet is how you make that data available to us. We can create our own reports in our own way. It's fantastic.”

Simplified Driver Onboarding

For Max, being able to onboard drivers in a couple of clicks takes a huge weight off his shoulders. “If we have a driver starting tomorrow, we can send them a text. They can sign up to Onfleet within minutes, pick up their orders, and start.”

After drivers get set up with the app, Max told us, “We find Onfleet very responsive when you're out on the road as a driver.” The Onfleet driver app improves drivers' satisfaction and productivity. It makes it easier for drivers to concentrate on making deliveries rather than worrying about their route.

Watch this Onfleet driver app demo video to see how it works.

You can also take a test drive yourself with a free Onfleet trial.

Final Thoughts

For a fast-growing new company, Zipply has found Onfleet to be the best courier delivery partner. Onfleet will continue to support Zipply on its mission to reduce emissions and make Vancouver more sustainable.

Andrew closes our conversation by commenting, “I could never move away from Onfleet because it's so intuitive to use, and if I use any other software, I feel like I'd be less productive.”

Onfleet is excited to continue to partner with Zipply, and to see how they can continue to make Vancouver greener.