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Seamless Driver Scheduling with Onfleet and When I Work's New Integration
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Have you ever thought about how amazing it would be to schedule all your drivers, plan routes, track hours and manage payments within one tool? With our new Onfleet and When I Work integration, you now can!

Here we explore what our integration does, its benefits, and how you can use it. 

Everything you need to know about our Onfleet <> When I Work integration

What does it do

Do you utilize When I Work for employee scheduling and Onfleet for managing your deliveries? Our new integration will make it easy as pie to sync these schedules without you having to do any manual work.

Improve accuracy and efficiency with our integration

The When I Work and Onfleet integration improves driver management for businesses of all sizes. It makes schedules more accurate for efficient route planning and optimization. 

The integration is perfect for businesses juggling employee schedules and delivery logistics. 

Accurate schedules are essential for effective route optimization. By automating the synchronization process between When I Work and Onfleet, you can ensure that your route planning is always based on the latest schedule information, saving time and reducing errors.

Onfleet driver schedules are automatically updated based on the latest When I Work employee schedules every 15 minutes. 

This real-time synchronization ensures dispatchers can access accurate and timely schedule information, supporting better route optimization.

By using Onfleet and When I Work simultaneously you also gain a competitive advantage. You can now deliver your parcels and services more efficiently to your customers. This increased effectiveness improves customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How you can use it

With this integration you maintain a live link between When I Work employee schedules and Onfleet driver schedules, facilitating seamless route optimization. 

Our integration simplifies scheduling and route planning processes, enabling dispatchers to manage deliveries efficiently. By keeping schedules in sync, businesses can optimize routes more effectively, reducing costs, improving delivery times, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Get Started Today!

We're thrilled to bring this integration to all Onfleet users, no matter what plan you’re on,  empowering your operation with enhanced scheduling capabilities. Take your scheduling to the next level with Onfleet and When I Work. Your deliveries and your team will thank you.

Ready to streamline your operations? Visit our website to learn more about the When I Work integration and sign up for a free trial.