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Case Study: Asian Veggies Maintains Lean Business Model with Route Optimization
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Snapshot: Asian Veggies is able to support its lean business model using Onfleet delivery management software, cutting route management time by 83%.

Customer Introduction

Launched in April 2020, Asian Veggies is a next-day grocery delivery service providing Asian specialty products across NYC and parts of New Jersey and Long Island.

With the closure of restaurants and supermarkets at the start of the pandemic, demand dwindled for wholesaler Fresh Goods Trading. Asian Veggies was created as an ecommerce offshoot to boost produce sales and provide city dwellers with delivery access to specialty products not easily sourced outside of ethnic markets.

Asian Veggies founder Joseph Boo (left) boosted sales for his father’s wholesale produce business, Fresh Good Trading, with online access to unique specialty produce.


After just a month of operating, Asian Veggies knew it needed to find a quicker and easier way to route its deliveries, which were multiplying by the day.

“It was very old school,” says Joseph Boo, Founder of Asian Veggies. “I was manually doing everything.”

Boo was uploading a spreadsheet of addresses to a free software service that would plot the addresses on a map. Boo would then have to manually map out routes for his drivers, which was straightforward but time-consuming, taking up to 1.5 hours of his time per day.

Asian Veggies wanted to simplify routing management and make optimizations based on traffic and ease of route. They were also looking for a way to divide the delivery workload fairly among drivers and have a way for drivers to easily communicate with customers.


After researching routing software and delivery tool options, Boo implemented Onfleet delivery management software in May 2020 in order to solve the delivery challenges Asian Veggies had been facing since its launch date one month prior.

“My thought process was ‘How do we do more by doing less?’ and Onfleet solved that problem for me,” says Boo. “You guys have been pretty crucial. We’ve been signed up from the get go.”


With the Onfleet last mile delivery platform, Asian Veggies made significant time savings—83%—on route management. What once took 1.5 hours per day, now takes a mere 15 minutes.

“Ultimately you could hire a dispatcher to do this whole thing,” says Boo. “Because of Onfleet, a full time job is consolidated to 15 minutes a day.”

Not only does Onfleet save time, but it improves the customer experience as well. For instance, the customizable, automated texts that include driver location and ETA help customers plan accordingly when frozen deliveries are headed their way.  

“Opening up that texting channel for customers is the best,” says Boo. “Before that, I would manually do it by giving drivers templates of what to text at different times.”