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The 4/20 Impact on the On-Demand Economy [INFOGRAPHIC]
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Every year, on April 20th, cannabis enthusiasts around the world light up to celebrate their beloved herb. Being based in California, where 4/20 originated several decades ago, and having many cannabis delivery customers and partners on the Onfleet platform, we decided to crunch some numbers and explore how this day impacts on-demand delivery.

We analyzed tens of thousands of deliveries, across hundreds of our customers (focusing on our North American users), to compile the results below. We not only looked at the cannabis deliveries themselves, but also how other segments, namely alcohol and food delivery, were impacted to see if there were any interesting trends. Here’s what we found:

Many thanks to our customers who worked with us to aggregate this data, and some of whom even shared some thoughts about how they’ve been using Onfleet to manage their deliveries!

“Together with Onfleet, we provide a full suite of software that enables dispensaries to deliver an exceptional experience to their medical cannabis patients. We chose Onfleet as our partner because of their ability to innovate and create tools that help our partners streamline their operations.”
- David Hua, CEO & Co-Founder at Meadow
“The Green Cross loves working with Onfleet. It helps us track our drivers and deliveries around San Francisco with ease, and communicate better with our members. Onfleet allows us to give our members ample notice about the status of their deliveries so they can better manage their day. In addition, it makes it extremely easy for us to know where our drivers are at all times. Since using Onfleet, we have seen an improvement in our delivery times and overall patient satisfaction.”
- Holli Bert, Coordinator at The Green Cross