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A conversation with Onfleet and Pachama, our sustainability partner
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Onfleet's Khaled Naim met up on the eve of Earth Day 2021 with Pachama's Diego Saez Gil in a recent conversation about the Onfleet Offset program. In this conversation, both share their backgrounds, hopes, and, specifically, plans to achieve a sustainable future. We hope you'll take a listen, share with your community and join us in this collective effort.

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“We are thrilled to add Onfleet’s contribution to our forestry-focused, verified projects,” said Diego Saez-Gil, CEO and Co-founder at Pachama, “Along with customers like Shopify and Microsoft, Onfleet’s trust in our portfolio and proven management helps us invest in powerful, verifiable, long-term projects that capture carbon and restore nature.”

“Safe and convenient deliveries are a part of our daily lives, but that doesn’t mean we should accept the negative environmental impact that often comes along with them,” said Khaled Naim, Onfleet’s CEO and Co-founder. “As we celebrate some key milestones in 2021 – our 6th birthday just yesterday and our 100 millionth delivery next month – we’re excited to give back in a meaningful way and do our part to support a more sustainable future with the announcement of Onfleet Offset on Earth Day.”