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Onfleet-Zapier 2.0: Onfleet introduces major upgrades to public Zapier integration
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We're excited to announce a new and improved method of integration via Zapier! Hundreds of our customers rely on Zapier to connect their favorite tools with Onfleet. As a result, we are thrilled to announce major upgrades to our Zapier integration in conjunction with Zapier's recent Platform upgrades.

We're calling it the Onfleet-Zapier 2.0 Integration—read on to see the exciting items now available.

What's New in 2.0

Native Onfleet Webhooks

In the past, Zapier users had to use Zapier webhooks to monitor events happening within their Onfleet dashboard. The first exciting change we've made is to provide native Onfleet trigger events right within Zapier. Users can now discover these triggers by simply searching through the directory of available events.

Simply click through the Zapier UI to create & configure Onfleet webhooks

Expanded Trigger Events

In addition to native triggers, users can now set up a trigger for this expanded list of 14 Onfleet events:

Webhook Name ID Description
Task Started 0 Triggers when a task is started by a worker (driver)
Task ETA 1 Triggers when the ETA of an active task is less than or equal to a threshold (in seconds)
Task Arrival 2 Triggers when the worker is arriving, at or closer than a threshold (in meters)
Task Completed 3 Triggers when a task is being completed
Task Failed 4 Triggers when a task is being completed with a failure
Worker Duty 5 Triggers when a worker status is being changed (0 for off-duty, 1 for on-duty)
Task Created 6 Triggers when a new task is created
Task Updated 7 Triggers when a task is being updated (includes assignment, feedback, and attachments)
Task Deleted 8 Triggers when a task is being deleted
Task Assigned 9 Triggers when a task is being assigned to a worker
Task Unassigned 10 Triggers when a task is being unassigned from a worker
Task Delayed 12 Triggers when a task has a delay time greater or equal than a threshold (in seconds)
Task Cloned 13 Triggers when a task is being cloned via the dashboard or the API
SMS Recipient Response Missed 14 Triggers when a task recipient responds to notifications via SMS, but after the phone route expiration

Two-Way Functionality

In the past, the majority of users utilized Zapier to integrate Onfleet downstream from their favorite tools. For example: once a new Shopify order is placed, create a delivery task within Onfleet.

Examples of downstream Onfleet integrations using Zapier

However, there's more to a delivery business than just creating a delivery task after a predictable event has happened. We continually heard requests from customers wanting to react in real time to ongoing Onfleet activity. With Onfleet-Zapier 2.0, users can now position Onfleet as the upstream trigger. For example: when an Onfleet delivery fails, send an email and Slack message to the dispatcher on duty.


Expanding from only able to connect X to Onfleet to being able to connect Onfleet to X both ways has enormously increased the potential use cases of the Onfleet-Zapier integration.

—James Li, Backend Engineer, Onfleet


One of the coolest parts about these new webhook functions is that you can now link Onfleet back to Onfleet. You can now get triggered by a taskFailed webhook and create a new task all within the same integration using Zapier. For example: delivery fails, create return to warehouse delivery task within Onfleet, assign to the same driver to complete at the end of her route.

New Ready to Use Templates

With the release of 2.0, we have also built 5 commonly used templates to save time when building integrations. These will also increase discoverability for those curious users just exploring Zapier, and the wonderful world of automation, for the first time! Keep in mind though, these templates only represent the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the potential combinations made available through Zapier integrations.

Some of the templates now available:

Connecting Onfleet failed tasks to create another Onfleet task

When a delivery fails, most businesses want that driver to do something with that package. Some options could be return to warehouse at the end of the route, reattempt the delivery, handoff the package to another driver or simply save for the next day. With this template, use Zapier to automatically create a new delivery task anytime a delivery is failed by one of your drivers. This can drastically reduce manual dispatching time and allow for scale within your operations.


Connecting Onfleet failed tasks to notifying the recipient via Gmail

Use this template to automatically send a custom email to a recipient when their delivery task has failed. This can be incredibly useful for companies that rely on email communications with their customers as opposed to the SMS or voice options available out-of-the-box through Onfleet.


Connecting Onfleet delayed tasks to notifications on Slack

Many fast paced dispatching operations utilize Slack to manage their daily operations. With this template you can automatically send a Slack message when a delivery becomes delayed based on our machine learning based calculations. This can allow for seamless rerouting or initiate customer communications.


Connecting Onfleet deleted tasks to create row in Google Sheets

Many delivery operations use Onfleet as a record of truth. With this template, you can automatically create a new row in a Google Sheet anytime a task has been deleted from your dashboard by a dispatcher. This allows for easy investigation in the future.


Connecting Onfleet missed SMS to create a Zendesk ticket

With this template, anytime a recipient misses an SMS message initiated from your drivers, a new Zendesk support ticket will automatically be created. This allows for programmatic support efforts.

Here at Onfleet, we get incredibly excited when customers use Zapier to connect their favorite tools. By doing this, even companies with little to no technical skills can unlock incredibly sophisticated delivery operations. Whether you're a Zapier power user or just getting started, we hope you enjoy the new functionality of Onfleet-Zapier 2.0!