Onfleet Last-Mile Podcast: On-Skipcart

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Every month we take a few minutes to catch-up with industry leaders from across the board and discuss what makes them excited about the future of delivery, e-commerce and anything else that gets these entrepreneurs up in the morning.

This month we caught up with Ben Jones, the CEO and Founder of Skipcart.


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Some interesting excerpts include:

On brands embracing in-house delivery:    

“The conversion from the Instacarts and Shipts over to these retailers, it’s really great to see the H-E-Bs, Walmarts, Albertsons, Krogers. Really see these conversions where the consumers are going directly on the site, ordering and they’re allowing that same kind of digital experience that Instacart and Shipt are offering.”


On the future of delivery:

“Through some integrations with Zuppler, ChowNow, Olo directly with Google Maps and Google Search to where you can order directly from your phone, type in restaurants and order online, choose delivery. Instead of having 40 or 50 apps on your phone, you can Google search and start ordering online and choosing delivery. Now you have this power to order anytime anywhere, directly from your phone and it can be much more efficient.”

Check out the full podcast below (length 10:55)

Onfleet · Onfleet Last Mile Podcast: On-Skipcart