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If Santa used Onfleet . . .
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Santa using Onfleet!

With the holiday season upon us and our focus turned toward gift-giving, we are reminded there is still one person resisting the technological revolution...

Santa Claus, the facilitator of Christmas delight, is still flying the night skies armed only with a sleigh and a brightly lit reindeer navigation system. Can you imagine how much more efficient he could be if he had Onfleet powering his deliveries? We can!

But how would Onfleet help the big man on his most important day of the year?

  1. Route Optimization — It's not easy delivering packages all over a city, let alone the whole world. But with a well-optimized route, Santa can spend less time making deliveries and more time enjoying some cocoa with Ms. Claus.
  2. Real-time data — Did you throw mashed potatoes at your little sister during Christmas eve dinner? Santa doesn’t have to wait for the Elf on the Shelf to get back to the North Pole to find out. Real-time data gives up to the second customer info and order details. That means he can be mid-air and still know that you got switched to the naughty list.
  3. Real-time driver tracking — Anyone who has seen the movie “The Santa Clause” knows that Santa can run into all sorts of trouble during his deliveries. With driver tracking, the elves can keep an eye on that sleigh and make sure everything is running smoothly.
  4. Predictive ETA — Although kids should not know precisely when Santa is coming to town, parents could definitely use that information. With the machine learning-powered predictive ETA, they would have complete visibility of Santa's arrival time - making it easy to get the children in bed, and the cookies fresh out of the oven before the big man arrives.
  5. Driver chat — Ms. Claus gets nervous about the weather, so she watches the forecast from the moment Santa leaves his office. Now she can let him know that he is heading towards a big storm so that he can take evasive maneuvers or reroute.
  6. Proof of delivery — The elves put so much work into the treasures they create. Now Santa can give them a little bit of joy back by sending a picture of that gift lovingly placed under a brightly lit tree.
  7. Multiple (elf) admins — Once Santa has left the North Pole, it's crucial to have trusted elves helping to keep his route tidy and tasks completely up-to-date.
  8. Task pin clustering — With billions of deliveries around the world, Santa's map would be cluttered with task pins without seamless pin clustering. Now, when he or his dispatcher elves at the North Pole plot their Christmas Eve route, they can keep their map view tidy and at top performance.
  9. Smart analytics — We all want to get better at our jobs, and Santa is no different. He can review his task history and performance and plan next year’s routes as early as he wants.

Hopefully, Santa sees this and signs up for Onfleet before Christmas arrives. With our quick and effortless onboarding, there is still time to set him up for the season. Can you pass along the message in your letter this year?

Not a Santa fan? These Onfleet features aren’t only for sleighs and reindeer. Contact today for how they can work for your business too.