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Podcast: Onfleet helps construction customers add efficiency to their last mile
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Built to serve a massive and fractured marketplace

The construction industry is a massive marketplace. It accounts for over 5% of the total US GDP and, literally, has many moving parts from tiny tools to gigantic infrastructure machinery and materials. To get these same-day necessities as well as multiyear procurements when they need them, the multilayered construction industry is turning to technology to help them manage their last mile logistics.

Meet Jonathon Darwish

Jonathan Darwish is a Senior Account Executive who has been serving solutions to our construction customers for over two years at Onfleet. In this podcast, he highlights key areas where Onfleet's software can help make your project run more smoothly. Whether it is scanning barcodes before unpacking massive deliveries to ensure the correct items have arrived to being able to differentiate between your retail and project locations and communicate with different drivers via chat, Onfleet's software helps transform the last mile deliveries associated with your projects from the unwieldy to the contained. Mischief managed!

Listen to the podcast here: