The State of Cannabis Delivery in 2023
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Click here to download the e-book.
Click here to download the e-book. 

Over the past decade, we've witnessed a significant shift in the attitudes of state governments toward cannabis, with a notable relaxation of restrictions on its use, production, and sale. Presently, most states have embraced legalized cannabis in some form, either for medical purposes or recreational enjoyment, while others have taken steps to decriminalize its use. Despite its federal classification as an illicit substance, there's a persistent momentum driving efforts toward nationwide cannabis legalization.

Delivery companies looking to explore the cannabis market may become hesitant when they realize how differently each state handles restrictions and regulations surrounding cannabis products. To help ease these concerns, we have created an e-book that provides comprehensive coverage of the status of all 50 U.S. states with respect to the cannabis industry, including easy reference for their current (as of May 2023) regulations.

The U.S. Cannabis Market

The U.S. cannabis market, as of 2022, boasted a valuation of $13.2 billion, and industry projections indicate a substantial leap to $40.1 billion by 2030. Historically, the cannabis sector has relied heavily on delivery and pickup services, and this facet will continue to underpin its expansion and progression.

Today, the landscape of cannabis delivery continues to evolve, with 23 out of the 37 states that have either partially or fully legalized cannabis affording the delivery option for medical and/or recreational purposes. Nevertheless, the absence of federal legalization places the onus on businesses to navigate and adhere to intricate state-specific regulations governing their operations. Discrepancies persist, as exemplified by fully legalized states such as Vermont, where recreational delivery remains prohibited, in contrast to other states actively pursuing or allowing such services.

Our free e-book aims to provide comprehensive coverage encompassing all 50 U.S. states. It's important to note that states with established cannabis delivery frameworks will naturally receive more extensive attention than those lacking such provisions. In instances where cannabis remains proscribed or delivery is restricted, we delve into the Legislative History section, documenting the ongoing endeavors aimed at legalizing cannabis possession, sale, and delivery.

Enhancing the Approach to Cannabis Delivery

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