Onfleet Support Spotlight: Technical Support Manager Mariana Muniz
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If you’re in a sci-fi movie, talking to robots is cool. But when you run into technical issues, you just want to talk to a human – not a robot. 

At Onfleet, we know that it’s the people on the ground that make things happen. That’s why we’re launching the Onfleet Support Spotlight series, where we highlight the support team making last mile delivery possible for our customers. And no one embodies a human-first approach more than our customer support team. 

With that in mind, meet our Technical Support Manager, Mariana Muniz! 

Meet Mariana Muniz

Mariana joined the Onfleet team as our third customer support hire. Now? She’s leading a team as a Technical Support Manager.

  • Favorite hobby? I'm a huge reader. I really love reading. After that? Playing video games with my son
  • Secret talent? Genetic genealogy – it's a new forensic technique where people use it to solve cold cases or identify John and Jane Does. If I weren’t so squeamish, I would probably be in forensics.

From Word Lover to Customer Service Manager

Mariana was born in Brazil, but moved to Canada as a child. Growing up speaking fluent Portuguese and English, it’s no wonder that she developed a passion for words! After graduating university with a degree in professional writing and public relations, she set her sights on the startup world. From there she found her niche – customer service.

“Public relations gives me a unique perspective with helping customers. In my opinion a support team can be your unofficial public relations team because we're dealing with emergencies and upset customers. We're really creating that public face of the company.”

Customer Story: Helping a Nonprofit Deliver Meals During COVID

One of Mariana’s favorite parts of her job is working with a variety of different industries that she wouldn’t have the chance to otherwise. One particular story stands out. 

During the pandemic, the Onfleet customer service team was small and didn’t have phone support yet. However, one customer frequently emailed the team with question. Despite the company not offering phone support yet, Mariana decided to call the customer and see how she could help. 

It turns out that the customer was Teen Kitchen Project, a nonprofit where at-risk teens volunteer to cook and deliver food to the elderly. 

Mariana helped the nonprofit director set up a delivery dashboard and create automated tasks to manage the orders.

“ Some people have never used a software to manage routes and last mile delivery before. I was able to remove those fears that she had and teach her how to import the orders through the task import module. So she wasn't individually managing dozens of orders a day.”

As for Teen Kitchen Project? We’re proud to say that Onfleet is still helping them manage their deliveries today.

Mariana’s Favorite Life (And Customer Service) Quote

In Mariana’s eyes, customer service involves “giving the customer the information that they're looking for as quickly as we can.” But there’s a human element as well.

“My favorite quote is actually a Maya Angelou quote. And it's ‘ people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’ That's kind of what I live by: treating people positively.”

How does that apply to customer service? Mariana explains her own paraphrase:  

“Customers may not remember the problem that I helped them solve, but they'll remember how the interaction with me was.”

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