Scripx: A Transformed Delivery Experience
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Established by the visionary Jon Eaton, Scripx Pharmacy is not just a pharmacy; it's a comprehensive solution designed to bridge the gap between doctors, payers, and patients, ensuring a seamless and frictionless medication experience.

Scripx Pharmacy is not your average pharmacy — it's a door-to-door dispensary, an on-demand concierge pharmacy that redefines how patients access and receive their medications. Understanding the critical role pharmacies play in driving patient adherence, Scripx goes beyond conventional services. With its proprietary platform and free delivery service, Scripx eliminates the barriers that often hinder patients from completing the final step in their healthcare journey – picking up their prescriptions.

With just a small team of 12 servicing a huge roster of between 15,000 and 20, 000 patients in the DFW area, Scripx found frustration in their delivery process, which consisted of doing everything manually, requiring paper signatures from customers, and an inability to give customers advance notifications of their deliveries. In hindsight, Jon calls their previous process “archaic”.

Finding Onfleet allowed the team at Scripx to transform their ability to bring their delivery service in-house, rather than consistently relying on third-party companies. Now, Scripx drivers are able to navigate their workdays by associating geographies and territories with their workload to ensure efficiency and reduce overall costs.

“I would give it a ten!”
-Jon Eaton, rating his satisfaction with Onfleet

When asked about his reason for choosing Onfleet, Jon spoke highly of the real-time capabilities of communicating with their patients and the transparency of the platform.

Scripx isn't just a pharmacy; it's a healthcare ally. In addition to serving individual patients, Scripx extends its services to provider and employer partners. By offering insights into prescribing patterns, patient adherence scores, and valuable data, Scripx empowers its partners with the information needed to enhance patient care and streamline operations.

Now with Onfleet on board, Scripx is better able to serve their community with confidence. Interested to see how Onfleet can transform your delivery process? Start a free trial today.