Optimizing Labor with Quinyx and Onfleet
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Key Takeaways:

  • Onfleet and Quinyx ensure optimized schedules, tasks, and routing.
  • Optimized labor results in more profitability, efficiency, and the best return on each labor dollar spent.
  • Optimizing labor also drives employee engagement resulting in lower turnover and a better customer experience. 

Labor Optimization is a challenge:

Labor optimization is a challenge for many businesses, and becomes even more complex for organizations fulfilling orders with their own in-house fleets. Having too many or too few employees scheduled, incomplete tasks, and late deliveries are some of the risks faced when labor is not optimized appropriately, which can result in poor employee engagement and frustrated customers. 

That’s where Quinyx and Onfleet come in. 

How Quinyx and Onfleet optimize labor:

With a unified focus on optimization, Quinyx and Onfleet are helping companies improve profitability and efficiency while factoring in the needs of their employees and customers. Quinyx accurately forecasts labor demand and creates schedules that are optimized to maximize sales, decrease unnecessary labor costs, and consider employee preference. Tasks are also assigned to daily schedules, ensuring that they are completed when most appropriate based on demand fluctuation throughout the day. 

Onfleet further drives efficiency by optimizing delivery routes, which ensures driver efficiency, lower costs, higher delivery capacity, and streamlined order tracking.

Example ROI:

  • Improved forecast accuracy by 50%, decreased overstaffing by 20%, and understaffing by 30% (retailer with 9,000 employees)
  • 78% of employee schedule preferences met (multinational last mile delivery company with 22,500 employees)
  • 130K Reduction in employee turnover (retailer with 2,900 employees across 250 stores) 
  • 100% schedule compliance for all markets (multinational last mile delivery company with 22,500 employees)
  • 118K Reduction in payroll errors (retailer with 2,900 employees across 250 stores)
  • 30% Increase in driver efficiency
  • 45% Fuel savings
  • 50% Delivery capacity increased

Who is Quinyx?

Quinyx is an AI-driven, advanced scheduling system, with the most powerful auto-scheduler in the world. Quinyx helps businesses accurately forecast labor demand and schedule employees in an optimized way, ensuring the right person, at the right place, at the right time. Quinyx’s unique approach balances the needs of the business, frontline employees, and customers for an approach to labor that works best for everyone.

Who is Onfleet?

Onfleet is a delivery optimization solution, that powers millions of deliveries every week, for thousands of businesses around the world across a range of industries from grocery and prepared meals to pharmacy, flowers, and furniture. Onfleet helps businesses route and dispatch efficiently, collect proof of delivery, access comprehensive last mile analytics, and provide a branded, delightful customer experience.