Optimize Your Workflow Efficiency with Onfleet's Custom Fields
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At Onfleet, we're committed to empowering businesses by providing innovative solutions that cater to their unique needs. Today, we're excited to unveil an essential new tool designed to revolutionize your data management - Custom Fields by Onfleet.

The Challenge: Tailoring Data Structures to Your Processes

We understand that every business has distinct operational workflows that span across multiple systems and that standard data structures might not always align perfectly with business needs. Often, integrating additional identifiers or specific data points, such as order IDs or priority indicators, into your tasks and workflows becomes a crucial necessity. This challenge prompted us to develop a solution that grants you the flexibility to include the information you need in Onfleet to optimize your workflow.

Introducing Custom Fields: A Game-Changing Feature

Custom Fields is an innovative feature within the Onfleet platform that makes it effortless to extend Onfleet’s task object to include the data that’s important to your business and help you connect your data across your tools. Our goal is to provide you with the flexibility and customization to streamline your operations easily. 

Key Features:

Customization Without Needing to Write Code

With Custom Fields, you can configure a variety of settings for your new field, including the data type, view/edit options, whether it’s required, and what task types the field should be included on – all directly from the Dashboard without having to write any code! 

We understand that you are juggling a lot of different tools throughout your operational workflow. So, if you do know how to write code and want to connect your Custom Fields to other systems, you can read and update the value of a custom field on a task via the API to streamline your process even further.

Add Custom Data to Tasks Using Your Preferred Methods

Whether you create tasks individually or several at once using the task import function (or via the API), we’ve got your back! When you create a task on the Dashboard, you’ll see your Custom Fields in their own section at the bottom of the Edit/View Task screen and can easily update their values. 

You can also update your import template to include new columns for all of your Custom Fields and relax while our importer creates all of your new tasks and populates your Custom Fields data for you!

Big Picture View of Your Data

View your Custom Fields in the Table View! Filter and sort your data to easily find key information and monitor your operations.

Access Your Custom Data Where Needed

Sometimes you’ll need to export data out of Onfleet for other parts of your business workflow. No problem – we have you covered! Our powerful Task Export feature will include your Custom Field data as well.

Choose What Information Your Drivers Need to See 

Depending on your business, there might be vital information to share with your drivers about a specific task, such as whether it’s a priority task or how much they’ll get paid for that task.

For each custom field, you can choose whether it should appear on the Driver App. Using Custom Fields, you can increase your transparency with your drivers and include useful information to help them complete tasks quickly and efficiently.

Measuring Success: Your Success is Our Priority

We believe in measuring success by your standards. Track your progress as you activate Custom Task Fields and witness the adoption within your organization.

Our vision with Custom Fields is clear—we aim to offer administrators a user-friendly means to expand the Task schema based on your specific requirements. The ultimate goal is to grant you convenient access to this crucial information across our entire ecosystem.

Who Benefits from Custom Fields?

Organizations seeking additional data points linked with Tasks for a more efficient workflow will see great benefits from this new feature. 

Whether you're a subscription service, a regulatory-bound institution, or a delivery service provider, Custom Fields cater precisely to your unique requirements.

Ready to optimize your operations with Custom Fields? Reach out to our team today and discover how this innovative feature can transform your workflow and elevate your delivery management system to new heights.

Onfleet's Custom Fields: Tailored Solutions for Your Unique Data Needs.