Onfleet Product Update - July 2023
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Onfleet Product Updates keep you and your team informed on all our latest releases, product enhancements, and new functionality.

New Feature: Default Clone Task Option

By popular demand, you asked so we listened! Now when a task is cloned, the clone metadata & barcode options are checked by default if they are present on the task. If you wish to unselect these option, these settings will be retained for future clones. Also the open cloned task for editing field is selected by default, and can be unselected if preferred.

This helps prevent errors that could result from inadvertently leaving those fields unchecked when you clone a task.

New Enhancements & Pilots

New Enhancement: App Updates

On the mobile apps, you are now able to change the units of measure. And new on iOS - view and remove photos on the task completion screen.

Coming Soon: Integrations Marketplace

You've seen the latest updates on our integration partners, we're excited to showcase these all in one spot!  The Onfleet Integrations Marketplace will feature all of our certified integration partners all in one place for easy access and more information. Coming soon!

Integration Pilot: Shopify

Through the Onfleet + Shopify integration, Onfleet tasks are created automatically from Shopify delivery fulfillment orders. We are currently in pilot and accepting customers, click here if you're interested in learning more.

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That's all for now, but we'll be back in a few weeks with more updates from our Product and Engineering teams.

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