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Onfleet Last-Mile Podcast: On-MetroSpeedy
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That's your host on a scooter...eating dog food #sanfrancisco

Every month we take a few minutes to catch-up with industry leaders from across the board and discuss what makes them excited about the future of delivery, e-commerce and anything else that gets these entrepreneurs up in the morning.

This month we caught up with the amazing Nancy Korayim, the CEO and Founder of MetroSpeedy. The New York based delivery operator is "a combination of technology, localized hub model and branded eco-friendly cargo tricycles called Speedys."

Her walkup song: "Call On Me" by Eric Prydz


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A Speedy in the wild 🦁

Some interesting excerpts include:


“For us, the future is all tech driven.”


“We can definitely thank the tremendous growth in e-commerce for the increase in truck traffic and the millions of packages literally seeping on to the city streets by larger carriers.”


“Part of the problem is that these larger carriers don’t have localized hubs in urban metropolitan areas… For last mile to work, it has to be a localized type setup, you have to have a localized model.”


“We’ve pledged to hopefully be carbon neutral by 2025.”

Check out the full podcast below (length 10:55)