Delivering the Amazon Effect: how to increase your last mile delivery efficiency by 30%
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In a recent episode of the Let’s Talk Supply Chain Podcast, Onfleet’s Chris Garrison discusses the ever-evolving landscape of the last mile delivery industry, and gives beneficial insight into what he calls “the Amazon effect”.

The Evolving Landscape of Last Mile Delivery

The last mile delivery industry has evolved beyond recognition recently—especially in the last ten years. This change has been mainly driven by evolving consumer expectations to create what Chris calls “the Amazon effect” or, sometimes, “the Uber effect”. That is, the knowledge that customers want their purchases to arrive to them faster, cheaper, and with greater flexibility.

For most—as many as 90 percent of consumers—”fast delivery” means same day or faster: a speed of delivery that was virtually unheard of until recent years. Plus, they want delivery to be free or extremely low in cost.

Despite this, Chris confirms in the podcast, last mile delivery as a whole is continuing to see massive growth.

How Onfleet Helps Businesses Stay Ahead in the Last Mile Delivery Industry

Enter Onfleet, the premier last mile delivery solution that helps businesses to run their last mile delivery service. Featuring a routing and dispatching dashboard, a top-rated driver application, and top-rated customer service features, Onfleet helps businesses to delight their customers at scale.

Effective dispatching and route planning lie at the core of operational success, impacting everything from customer satisfaction to sustainability. Onfleet's platform redefines how companies manage their delivery operations by offering a streamlined approach to dispatching. It optimizes routes, schedules, and assigns tasks to drivers, ensuring timely and efficient deliveries. This not only enhances customer satisfaction by providing accurate ETAs and streamlined delivery experiences but also contributes to sustainability by reducing fuel consumption and minimizing the carbon footprint through optimized routes.

The empowerment of drivers is another cornerstone of Onfleet's strategy. Happy drivers are the linchpin for exceptional customer service. Onfleet's solutions prioritize driver satisfaction by providing them with user-friendly tools, clear communication, and optimized routes. By offering drivers the tools to manage their schedules, navigate effectively, and communicate seamlessly, Onfleet creates an environment where drivers feel valued and empowered. Consequently, this empowerment leads to increased job satisfaction, better performance, and ultimately, happier customers due to timely and efficient deliveries.

In today's highly competitive market, customer satisfaction stands out as a critical differentiator. Onfleet has tapped into this area of opportunity by addressing the pain points within the delivery space. The solution focuses on delighting customers through precise ETAs, real-time tracking, and seamless communication. Customers benefit from a transparent delivery process, allowing them to track their orders, receive timely updates, and communicate preferences. 

The power of good data cannot be understated in modern business operations. Onfleet's platform provides comprehensive monitoring, reporting, and insights, enabling businesses to optimize their delivery operations continuously. Real-time analytics offer visibility into performance metrics, such as delivery times, driver productivity, and route efficiency. This data-driven approach allows businesses to make informed decisions, identify bottlenecks, and implement improvements for enhanced operational efficiency. By leveraging actionable insights derived from the data, businesses using Onfleet can continually refine their strategies and processes, ensuring consistent optimization and improved customer satisfaction.

Learn more by watching or listening to the Let’s Talk Supply Chain episode here, or start exploring Onfleet’s capabilities today.