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1M Deliveries Later: Learnings from the trenches of the On-Demand Economy
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Here at Onfleet we enjoy a unique vantage point into the inner workings of the On-Demand space. After hitting our 1 millionth delivery a few weeks ago, we’ve accumulated quite a bit of data on what it takes to excel at local deliveries in the modern age. While consumers demand faster deliveries, driver tracking, and reliable ETAs, businesses are looking for novel ways to reduce costly inefficiencies and regain control over their last-mile delivery logistics.

Since formally launching last April, we’ve doubled our team, octupled our office space, and increased our task volume more than tenfold. With a pay-per-use pricing model directly tied to completed delivery tasks, our growth is inextricably tied to the growth of our customers. Thus, in many ways, Onfleet’s success over the past 10 months has been a testament to the overall health and vitality of the On-Demand ecosystem.

As more and more people around the world order fresh cut flowers, organic meals kits, home décor, and cold pressed juice from our amazing customers, Onfleet will be there for the ride, ensuring that each and every birthday bouquet and order of pad thai arrives safe and sound.

Looking ahead, we’re thrilled to continue helping our customers deliver delight through our modern and efficient delivery management platform. Fleet on!