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4.8 3K Ratings
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Public-facing pricing and status page


No Public-facing pricing or status page

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Get set up in just a few minutes


Can take weeks to months

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Personalized support & service


Not inclusive customer service

Superior onboarding
and admininstration

  • Onfleet onboarding process is measured in days, not months
  • Onfleet scales with your business and there are no forced minimum investments
  • Onfleet dedicated support teams support you every step of the way
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Inclusive and
intuitive platform

Customers and dispatchers prefer Onfleet's award-winning intuitive software.

Scales with
your business

Add regions, routes, and complexity. Onfleet is built to scale with your custom needs.


Unlike Bringg, Onfleet has clear and transparent pricing.

Delivery leadership

Onfleet has managed thousands of customers in 90 countries. We lead in products, reviews, and in expertise.

4.8 3K Ratings
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“I think Onfleet is awesome! It’s a wonderful way to serve people in our communities.”

“This app is very simple, easy to use, and accurate - I’ve not had any issues.”

“The Onfleet app refreshes quickly and is a big help in complying with my delivery work. I like the ability to switch between list and map views on the fly.”

4.5 2,455 Ratings
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Onfleet is so easy to use. Makes work so much easier. Kudos to you, Onfleet!”

“Love Onfleet!!! As a driver myself it’s been a game changer!”

“My work just started using this and I gotta say it’s pretty sweet. It tracks me so my boss ain’t sending me eta texts every 30 min and very easy to confirm an order and move on, AND the app optimizes your route for you, saving me loads of time overall, I’m digging this app for work.”

Frequently Asked Questions

We do a weekly live Q&A featuring Onfleet 101 and Onfleet 102 feature sets. We encourage those considering our product to attend these lively and informative sessions. Email to sign up.

Yes! We provide full visibility into how Onfleet will integrate with your needs. Your developers will be able to satisfy their full curiosity by visiting our Onfleet Developer Hub.

There are several ways for you to learn more. You can talk with a sales team member - email You can test-drive Onfleet for yourself with a free trial or you can watch a comprehensive demo here.

You can access our pricing here - we are open and transparent on our model, which is designed based on how we can add the best value to your business, unlike Bringg’s non-published pricing and mandated spend.

Trusted by thousands of businesses

The most successful delivery operations choose Onfleet

  • Onfleet Customer Total Wine and More
  • Onfleet Customer Kroger
  • Onfleet Customer Alto
  • Onfleet Customer Drizly
  • Onfleet Customer Grubmarket
  • Onfleet Customer Imperfect Foods
  • Onfleet Customer United Supermarkets
  • Onfleet Customer Total Wine and More

    Onfleet provides Total Wine & More with powerful routing and analytics tools to enable our own Total Wine & More associates to provide a world-class delivery experience. Our partnership has allowed Total Wine to also expand our delivery program into several markets and sets a foundation for future growth.

    Tom Kooser, CIO, Total Wine & More

  • We had already seen the writing on the wall when it came to our on-demand delivery fleet, so it was a hands-on search to find another system. Onfleet seemed to offer everything we needed right away.

    Taylor Bloom, Founder, Foxtrot

  • Onfleet Customer Imperfect Foods

    It’s been so easy to implement Onfleet and it’s helped us increase customer satisfaction and better manage our deliveries.

    Benjamin Chesler, Co-Founder and COO, Imperfect Foods