Simplify your deliveries with prep meals delivery software

Onfleet is the leading delivery management software for the growing, lifestyle preference prepared meals industry. Led by your customers who seek unique, healthy, and convenient food options, home delivery is a critical part of your value proposition.

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The benefits are clear

  • Route, dispatch, and analyze orders with ease
  • Own your brand experience with two-way customer communications
  • Earn customer’s trust through the power of predictive ETAs
  • Keep drivers efficient through route optimization

Trusted by thousands of businesses

The most successful prepared meal operations choose Onfleet.

4.7 Star whole Star whole Star whole Star whole Star half 85 reviews

Top-rated Last Mile Delivery Software

4.7 Star whole Star whole Star whole Star whole Star half 85 reviews

Top 20 Fleet Management Software

4.6 Star whole Star whole Star whole Star whole Star half 120 reviews

Route Planning and Fleet Management Leader

  • Our On-Time Delivery rates are now consistently 95+ percent, and thanks to Onfleet’s intuitive mapping, we’ve found that our existing delivery staff can accommodate 10-20 percent more deliveries per day in the same timeframe.

    Reese Hunter, Fulfillment Manager, Thistle

  • Onfleet Customer Imperfect Foods

    It’s been so easy to implement Onfleet and it’s helped us increase customer satisfaction and better manage our deliveries.

    Benjamin Chesler, Co-Founder and COO, Imperfect Foods

  • Onfleet Customer Total Wine and More

    Onfleet provides Total Wine & More with powerful routing and analytics tools to enable our own Total Wine & More associates to provide a world-class delivery experience. Our partnership has allowed Total Wine to also expand our delivery program into several markets and sets a foundation for future growth.

    Tom Kooser, CIO, Total Wine & More

Utility built for prepared meals

Onfleet’s software has the features prepared meals operators need to personalize and optimize their delivery operations

Live Tracking Personalization Private Communications Notify Customers

Live Tracking

Bring transparency to the delivery process by allowing your customers to see their meals being delivered in real-time.

Live Tracking Personalization Private Communications Notify Customers


Enhance communication with your customers with custom branded pages for tracking and communication.

Private Communications

Customers may call or message their driver, dispatcher, or call center with a single tap. Anonymize calls to safeguard privacy.

Notify Customers

Ensure perishables stay fresh with automated SMS notifications that keep customers informed about their delivery status.

Effortlessly dispatch and manage your deliveries

Monitor and control your delivery business as it grows with these key features

Dispatching & Routing Driver Accountability, Tracking & Communication Analyze & Export Data

Dispatching & Routing

Onfleet’s integrated route optimization engine considers time, location, capacity, and traffic to produce the most efficient routing solutions. Need to make changes or re-optimize? Updates are sent to drivers in real-time.

Driver Accountability, Tracking & Communication

Analytics on your drivers including time at a delivery site or in between deliveries help you pinpoint bottlenecks, reducing fuel consumption and wasted time, especially critical with perishable goods.

Analyze & Export Data

Visualize success rates, on-time rates, service times, feedback scores, distance traveled, and more. Segment data by teams, drivers, day, week, and even hour of the day across multiple geographic regions.

Improve the prepared meals delivery experience

Increase customer engagement and satisfaction with Onfleet prepared meals delivery software.

Onfleet Automatic Status Updates Onfleet Real-time Driver Tracking Onfleet Customer Communication Onfleet Feedback Collection

Status updates

Track your fleet from your dispatch center, identify potential delays, and reroute drivers if needed.

Onfleet Automatic Status Updates Onfleet Real-time Driver Tracking Onfleet Customer Communication Onfleet Feedback Collection

Real-time GPS driver tracking

Give customers insight into where their delivery driver is and when their product will arrive.

Customer communications

Let customers chat with drivers directly through Onfleet.

Feedback collection

Request feedback via SMS immediately after deliveries.

Integrated with the tools you love

Onfleet is integrated out of the box with your favorite point of sale, online ordering, and payments solutions so you can get up and running in no time.