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Onfleet Route Optimization

Optimize your delivery routes seamlessly

“Coupled with Onfleet's superior UI, Route Optimization provides an opportunity to maximize the number of drops in as short a time as possible. Route times have been cut by 50% and the number of drops attainable within a 4-hour window has doubled. For any company offering door-to-door delivery solutions, this is a godsend.”

David Coupar, Director of Operations and New Business Development, CERNX

“Since discovering Onfleet and testing out the new Route Optimization feature, we’ve been thrilled with the reliability and efficiency of our home delivery routes. Most importantly, our drivers and delivery partners are delighted with the elegant interface, which makes route planning, tracking, and executing both seamless and fun!”

Steve Seeger, Operations Maven, My Power Supply

“Since we started using Route Optimization, our driver efficiency has improved by 25%. As we continue to grow, Onfleet saves our dispatchers and runners valuable time. Not only that, every order is set to be on time, which has resulted in a high level of trust from our clients.”

Omid Larijani, President, RoadRunner24

Optimize your delivery routes in three simple steps

Step 1: Define driver schedules

Shift work can be complicated—your routes shouldn’t be. Account for days off, lunch breaks, and business hours so you never miss a delivery.

Step 2: Select tasks and drivers

Select the tasks you would like optimized and spread the work across your available set of drivers.

Step 3: Specify time and capacity constraints

Not all stops are created equal. Set vehicle requirements, task pickup or dropoff quantities, and estimated service times to ensure everything runs smoothly in the field.

Manage operations with Onfleet

Say hello to leaner operations, a smoother customer experience, and smarter decision-making.

Common route optimization questions

How much does Route Optimization cost?

A charge of $0.09 per completed task will be automatically added to your monthly Onfleet invoice. You can review your organization’s pending charges in the Billing tab of your Admin settings. All plans come with a 14-day free trial, which includes access to route optimization.

Can I optimize routes for drivers that operate from different hubs, warehouses or store locations?

Yes, prior to optimization you will be asked to assign central locations (“Hubs”) to each Team. These locations will be used as both the start and end point of an optimized route.

How many tasks can I optimize at once?

2,000 in total, however each driver will never be assigned more than 200 tasks in a given optimized route.

Can I make changes to a proposed route?

Certainly! Assigned tasks can be reordered or reassigned live via drag-and-drop or by drawing a route line on the map.


Onfleet can optimize more than just routes

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